Thursday, February 14, 2013

1956 Sachs 50 Engine Repair Manual

The blue sign bearing the large letter "S" or the display window sign bearing the inscription SACHS Autocycle Service is an indication to every SACHS rider that he will find there a service station where he can take his engine in for repair in the event of a breakdown or whenever normal wear and tear makes it necessary for him to obtain a new sub-assembly. The sign is a guarantee that the personnel at the workshop are familiar with the SACHS engine down to the last detail, and also that the rider will not have to wait long for spare parts. However, as not every assistant and apprentice at the service stations have been trained at the Schweinfurt factory, although these personnel should be in a position to attend to the requirements of the SACHS rider particularly in dealing with minor repairs, we have decided to publish the Repair Manual for the SACHS 50 to make everyone fully conversant with tasks to be carried out on this engine... Contents: Specifications; Repair Tools; Removal of the engine from the frame; Disassembly of the SACHS engine; Repairs and adjustment of the sub-assemblies; Reassembly of the SACHS engine; Installation of engine in frame; SACHS 50 with kick starter 1956 Sachs 50 Engine Repair Manual available at CLICK THE PICTURE TO "BUY IT NOW"

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