Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1969 Honda Motosport 90 - Lightweight on the scale, but everything else about it is big stuff!

It comes equipped for smooth street riding. But on weekends it strips down to the buff ready to head for the hills.

Seeing those big chrome-trimmed lights and instruments, who could deny this is a classy street bike? But they all come off with a turn of a wrench. Then it's a different story. An off-the-road one.

Now you find out why the fenders have so much clearance. Why the seat is so soft and wide. Underneath, the Motosport 90 (SL-90) is competitive.

Why else would it have motocross-type bars, levers and grips? Folding pegs and flush rear brake pedal. A USDA approved spark arrestor. They're all for the rider who means business.

For sprockets you can take your choice: we fit an on-the-road one on the bike, and give you an off-the-road one to go.

If you're ready to hobnob with the nobby tire set, this one's a must. Only your Honda dealer has it (in candy red or blue).

Make tracks for his place.

Shown on page 4 of ad:

Honda Scrambler 90 (CL-90) Lightweight on the scale, but everything else about it is big stuff! The dependable four-stroke overhead cam engine takes you along at up to 60 mph. Note the bars, pipe, heavy-duty tires. It's a rugged performer in tough country; a smooth one on the highway.

Honda Scrambler 175 (CL-175) Imagine yourself on this one! It's the 175 with 5 speeds. An overhead cam inclined twin you can lean on. Wild new colors, tuned pipes, directionals, universal tires, mirrors. Cruises up to 80, smooth as butter. And the price tag is a thin slice of bread.

Honda Scrambler 350 (CL-350) There's a lot of Grand Prix know-how in this one. Like the constant-velocity twin carbs, for peak performance from valley to mountaintop. Powerful 33 bhp vertical twin engine. Also check the electric starter, instrument cluster and directionals.

Honda 125 Super Sport (SS-125) Join the movement movement with this beauty. Its 13 bhp overhead cam twin powerplant doesn't know when to quit. In the good looks dept. its got more than its share. Sleek chrome tuned pipes, smooth-traveling front forks and deep candy colors.

Honda 350 Super Sport (CB-350) Definitely the sharpest looking bike going. Is it the sculptured 2-tone GP-type tank? The megaphone-style pipes with fenders chromed to match? The plush textured seat? You'll never know if you don't go see it. Then move out with those 36 horses!

450 Super Sport (CB-450 K1) Designed from chrome fender to fender for easy riding. Goes like 60 in 7.2. Then on up to 112. That's the new twin-carbed DOHC 45 bhp engine for you. The frame, clutch, five-speed transmission, electric starter and alternator are all new, too.

When you go to pick out a Honda you'll find a choice of more than 20 different models. Every one has a dependable four-stroke engine. Every one is backed with Honda's longer, stronger warranty. And every one is the result of a continuous program of testing and improvement. With 1800 dealers nationwide, there's bound to be a Honda man near you - when you buy and wherever you ride. Enjoy the feel of a beautifully built precision bike. You'll see why Honda has more to move you.

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